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News: Paint + Water Looks Like Beautiful H-Bombs

Though photographer Mark Mawson's concept is simple, the results are stunning. In a series entitled Aqueous I and Aqueous II, Mawson took photographs of wet paint dispersed in water. The images evoke jellyfish, or rainbow colored hydrogen bombs. Mawson says:"I had seen lots of ink in water shots and wanted to try something which had more body and which produced more organic forms."

News: Convert a Truck Into a Camera

We've featured unusual pinhole cameras before, but nothing at this grandiose scale. Presenting the world's largest mobile pinhole camera, the Cameratruck, creation of photographer Shaun Irving. The Cameratruck can take pictures approximately 3,000 times the size of a 35mm!

News: Money + Face = Art

Remember sleeveface? There's a new craze to hit the web, and though maybe not quite as fun, it's worth noting. Moneyface. Take a bill, any bill, strategically place in front of your face, point, and shoot. Voila.

News: Photograph Beams of Light

More science-geek-art: amazing photographs by Alan Jaras. Apparently the images have not been altered in any way (computer generated or color treated) and are true reproductions of light refraction patterns captured on film.

News: Fold-It-Yourself Pinhole Camera

Easy as 1-2-3... Print, fold and start taking pictures. Free download and instructions for the Czechoslovakian designed Dirkon camera here. The Dirkon uses 35mm film and takes hazy, blurred, highly saturated pictures typical of the pinhole format. Image examples below.

News: Scan Your Face

Using a scanner to "take photos" is like having great studio lighting, a top of the art photocopy machine, and a high quality camera all in one. The process results in a shallow depth of a field, amazing detail, and best of all a dreamy, magazine-like quality.

News: Turn a juice box into a camera

Look left. Can your garbage take photos like that? With a few tweaks it will! The pinhole camera is photography in its most basic form. Using a light-proof container, the 35mm will capture the image when the pinhole is opened. The resulting photographs have a distinctly démodé look, like this shot from Kodak's archive.

News: Fake UFO photographs

In Photoshop-speak, we call them faux-tographs. Michael Shermer presents this lesson in falsehoods as a children's craft project. Just tie up some kitchenware to an old fishing pole, flash the photo and ta-da! There's your err... evidence!

News: Sleeveface

Favorited by our man Crow. Submitted by user God. How could I not be tempted by this tutorial?    A perfect combination of old school retro, arts & crafts, and hipster cool.    Just take an old vinyl record sleeve, cover a part of your body, and snap a photo.     Proof once again that the how-to imagination of the internet has no bounds.

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