CES 2015: The CUBE Action Camera, Polaroid's Answer to the GoPro

The CUBE Action Camera, Polaroid's Answer to the GoPro

Polaroid's answer to the masculine-fueled GoPro comes in the form of a tiny family-friendly square, fittingly named the Polaroid CUBE. Starting at a very modest $99.99 , the water-resistant action camera comes in all different colors, shoots HD video at 1080p, allows users to take 6MP pictures, and supports a microSD card of up to 32GB.

Attached to the bottom of the cube is a magnet that allows you to stick the camera in many places, including the side of a car (though the Polaroid representative didn't highly recommend it).

One of the more awesome things we saw at Polaroid came in the form of accessories for the CUBE, including a Nerf ball to place the camera into, a dog's leash, a car mount, and even a shot glass. You can also make it waterproof with a special case.

Shot glass (left) and Nerf ball (right)

While not all of these accessories will make it to the public, it's nice to know they're thinking out of the box, or more appropriately, cube. To see everything available, head to the Polaroid CUBE website. Accessories on sale right now include the Strap Mount, Waterproof Case, Bicycle Mount, Helmet Mount, Tripod Mount, Suction Cup Mount, and more.

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