How To: 5 Incredibly Cheap and Smooth DIY Camera Mounts for Inside or Outside of Your Car

5 Incredibly Cheap and Smooth DIY Camera Mounts for Inside or Outside of Your Car

Shooting a photo or video in a car can be rather difficult without a proper mount, and if you want to secure your camera outside the car, it can be just plain expensive. Luckily, there are tons of DIY camera mounts for both inside and outside your vehicle, and most of them are pretty cheap to make. Here are some of the best.

Dashboard Base Plate and License Plate Mount

MHN Productions came up with a dashboard base plate for shooting inside, and a license plate mount for more dramatic outside shots.

For the dashboard mount, you'll need a piece of wood, four rubber feet, and a bolt. The license plate mount is just angled steel and an L bracket. MHN Productions shows the whole step-by-step process in the video below.

$10 Sponge Dashboard Mount

This dashboard mount basically consists of a peanut sponge, a rug pad to hold it in place, and a few weights if you're using a light camera.

In the video below, Ben Gill uses two D batteries and a roll of coins.

Headrest Mount

You can make a headrest mount in about ten minutes with just a piece of 3/4" PVC conduit pipe, two U-bolts with wingnuts, and a bolt for the camera mount. You can also add rubber pads for safety like russap5 did below.

Image via

Check out his full post for more details and photos of how he made it.

Magnetic GoPro Mount

Here's a great, simple magnetic mount for a GoPro camera by GetawayMoments that you can attach to the hood of your car.

Image via

You can visit his blog and watch the video below for more details if you want to make your own.

If you'd rather not use a magnet on your car, try this suction cup camera mount. Don't have a car? You can also make cheap DIY mounts for your bike or motorcycle.

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As a GoPro owner I always suggest a GoPro over anything else :p.

They also make a really good suction cup mount if you're too lazy to build one yourself, like me.

I'm thinking of getting one of those GoPros for shots I'd rather not take with my DSLR, plus it's size would probably be great for any POV shot where you don't want to mess with a bulky DSLR.

They are seriously worth it!

Also it's usually pretty easy to find a cheap one on craigslist. I actually filmed everything from this video on it (dubstep warning):

Here's a better magnet mount, won't scratch your paint and with a high power magnet will hold over 125mph. Costs $12-30 (depending on the magnet used) and only a couple minutes to make.

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