How To: Use a Video Projector for Long-Exposure Light Painting in the Snow

Use a Video Projector for Long-Exposure Light Painting in the Snow

There's no shortage of techniques when it comes to light painting—you can use LEDs, flashlights, or even make your own light painting nunchuks. If you want to do something a little different, though, why not use a projector like photographer Brian Maffit did to capture these gorgeous long-exposure shots of a recent snow storm?

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Maffitt used a projector to play the movie The Lorax onto a tree in his backyard, providing the backdrop for these photos. The long exposure shots were taken using an old projector connected to an Apple TV.

He chose a children's movie because he thought it would give a nice array of colors, and the wind blowing the snow around caused the colors to separate into red, blue and green, which he calls "an extremely fortunate confluence of nature and digital."

Check out the video to see how the movie looked in the snow.

You can find more photos from this shoot, along with more of Maffitt's work, over on his Flickr stream.

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