How To: Stop Saying "Cheese"! Here's How You Smile More Naturally for Photos

Stop Saying "Cheese"! Here's How You Smile More Naturally for Photos

I hate having my picture taken. It's awkward, and I almost always end up thinking, "Is that what I look like all the time?" Most of us think we look awful in photos, probably because we all subconsciously act and carry ourselves a little differently when we know there's a camera on us.

Jeff Wysaski over on Pleated Jeans put together a few tips on looking less awkward and a little more natural when having your picture taken.

While we've been saying "cheese" for decades, it's actually not great for a natural looking smile. Words that end in an "uh" sound—like mocha or pizza (keeping with the food theme)—give you a more realistic grin.

Jeff also suggests laughing right before the photo is taken (the more genuine the laugh, the better) and relaxing your face since we tend to get tense when we're expecting the flash.

Practicing in front of the mirror can help you figure out what looks best, and actually train your muscles to remember different smiles. Model Shelley Goodstein says that "you cannot fake it"—it's important that your smile is as genuine as possible. During shoots, she thinks of happy memories so that the smile in her photos is real.

Lastly, what's advice on posing for pictures without some input from Tyra Banks? She says it's all in the eyes.

Tyra calls her technique "smizing," which apparently means smiling with your eyes. She's so convinced it's the key to taking good photos that she even created an app that "enhances your smize." You may want to refrain from ever using the word "smize" in public, but if anyone ought to know a thing or two about having their picture taken, it's Tyra.

Know of any other tricks to smile more naturally in photos? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks for the shout out here! Love the video AND your smize :)
Shelley GoodStein from A Model's Secrets

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