How To: Make a 50mm Lens into a Tilt Lens Using a Shower Head

Make a 50mm Lens into a Tilt Lens Using a Shower Head

There are so many ways to modify your camera using common household items, like clothes hangers, an umbrella, or even a jar of peanut butter. Here's a new, unexpected addition to the list—a shower head.

Maciej Pietuszynski came up with this brilliant camera mod, which uses a shower head to turn an old 50mm lens into a DIY tilt lens.

This trick works by using the part from the shower head that allows you to adjust the angle. You'll have to take apart the lens and cut the shower head in half. The shower head is then glued to the lens and held together using pieces cut from the finger of a glove and, of course, some zip ties.

The diagram from the original tutorial shows how the whole thing fits together.

Image via

Here are some photos taken with the lens:

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For more examples of what this lens can do, check out Maciej's Flickr gallery, and check out the full tutorial to make your own shower head tilt lens!

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