How To: Control Your Samsung Smart Camera with Your Android or iOS Device

Control Your Samsung Smart Camera with Your Android or iOS Device

Samsung is helping photographers in getting more utility out of their cameras with their new Samsung Smart Camera App. With it, your device becomes a powerful viewfinder for your Samsung camera, allowing you to not only frame shots, but control multiple aspects of the camera, right through your phone.

Samsung's only requirement is that you have a compatible Samsung camera, but the app is available for most Android and iOS devices.

Instant syncing, cloud upload, baby monitor mode, and quick NFC connections (sorry iPhoners) make this companion app a must have if you're rocking one of Samsung's shooters.

How to Sync Your Camera to Your Phone

A touch from an NFC-capable Android device is by far the easiest method, but if you have an older Android device or an Apple iOS device, you can use an ad-hoc WiFi connection.

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi function on the phone and make sure it's connected to the same network as the Samsung DSLR or point-and-shoot (set your camera's mode to "Wi-Fi" as well).
  2. Open the Samsung Smart Camera App icon on the phone and make sure it is connected to the camera.
  3. After the Samsung Smart Camera App is running normally, the camera will connect to your phone through Wi-Fi for any camera function or file sharing.
  4. Click on "remote viewfinder" on your camera.

At this point, you will be able to use your phone as a viewfinder wherever you are.

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