How To: Create Stunning Double Exposure Portraits with Your DSLR Camera (No Photoshop Required)

Create Stunning Double Exposure Portraits with Your DSLR Camera (No Photoshop Required)

There are plenty of ways to take double exposure photos, even if all you have is your cell phone. If you have access to a darkroom (or Photoshop), you can do it by stacking negatives. But if you have the right kind of DSLR, you can do it right from your camera by using the multiple exposure setting.

Layering textures over silhouettes results in some really unique portraits, and if you have the setting on your camera, it's really easy to do. Check out some of these awesome shots by Kai W of DigitalRev.

The technique consists of shooting a portrait with the background blown out, or overexposed, then filling in the silhouette with an interesting texture or pattern. Kai uses nature shots for his, but you could use any texture you want. Now, what kind of cameras have this multiple exposure mode?

Check out the video for a step-by-step tutorial, and to see more photos from Kai's shoot.

I'll bet you could come up with some great shots by using macro photos for the textures. What are some of your ideas?

If you try out this technique, share your results with us in the Inspiration section!

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Great video. Love the intro.

How many stops do you need to overexpose the silhouette shot? I'm attempting these effects on film, so I'm pretty much shoot and hope for the best. I know on film that I need to expose the texture shot on correct setting.

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