How To: Take Perfect Selfies

Take Perfect Selfies

The selfie craze has caught up and how! But sadly enough, not all of us know the tips and tricks to get it right. Watch this video if you're yet to master the art of clicking the perfect selfie.

As the first step, always pay heed to the natural lighting around you while taking a selfie. Natural lighting is your bestie. So always make sure you stand against the light. Now click on the darker spot to fill the light. Who doesn't want those chiseled model like cheekbones?

The next step is to hold your phone slightly above the eye level, as this also gets rid of the nasty double chin problem.

But that's not all. Give your umpteenth followers a little extra. Make sure your selfie has a purpose, like showing off your super fun background. One thing to remember is to not overdo the duck face. You must also make sure that you don't look into the screen while taking the selfie, look into the camera. Lastly, whisper the word prune for the perfect pout.

Follow these steps and see the quality of your selfies miraculously rise! Selfie, anyone?

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