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This DIY Camera-Mounted Flash Bounce Wall Does Wonders for Your Photos (And Your Wallet)

Everyone has taken a photo that didn't turn out quite right because of bad lighting or a flash that produced too much or too little light. A flash can make your subject look washed out, or even downright creepy with bright white skin and red eyes. But with a bounce wall, you can redirect the light to make it less harsh and reduce the shadows. It also means less demonic-looking cats.

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Bounce walls can be expensive, but David Hobby of Strobist made this DIY version that uses a wire hanger, some cardboard, a piece of foil, and a few clothespins for a bounce wall that's just as easy on your wallet as it is to build.

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To make your own, visit David's tutorial (translated here) for more details and step-by-step instructions.

Cat photo by benchilada

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I enjoy seeing another good idea from another country. Tells me that the internet is worth having.

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