News: Turn a juice box into a camera

Turn a juice box into a camera

Turn a juice box into a camera Look left. Can your garbage take photos like that? With a few tweaks it will!

The pinhole camera is photography in its most basic form. Using a light-proof container, the 35mm will capture the image when the pinhole is opened. The resulting photographs have a distinctly démodé look, like this shot from Kodak's archive.

Our Canadian friend Galoobious came up with her Minute Maid juice box design when the batteries in her digital camera gave out again.

Well done Galoobious, for both DIY ingenuity and green sustainable art!

Convert a juice box into a pinhole camera

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wtf does it work

Its just a gimmick.

How do you take the picture?

move the film manually and expose to light by opening pinhole manually. you mimick an automatic camera.

I love pihole photography. I was looking for a way to use a roll of film with pinhole instead of developing paper. Now I got it. THX

wow dasts one ghetto camera

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