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Favorited by our man Crow. Submitted by user God. How could I not be tempted by this tutorial?    A perfect combination of old school retro, arts & crafts, and hipster cool.    Just take an old vinyl record sleeve, cover a part of your body, and snap a photo.     Proof once again that the how-to imagination of the internet has no bounds.

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awesome. Watch this with me if you want to live!

check out other sleeveface pics on flickr or facebook or


theres so much more life in these records than you can ever attain with coverflow or an ipod... :( let the music live on !!!

Funny... could be used for some awesome photos, but beyond that i don't really get the point.

This is awesomely nerd... I love it

mmmm....not bad....

this is the about how to DVD-Nose?

blue-ray head, cassette eyes, 8 track cheeks... hahaha

I love it

hahaa this is so funny! :D

You mean there is still a purpose for those hundreds of LPs I accumulated back in the day?? Hooray!

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