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Scan Your Face

Using a scanner to "take photos" is like having great studio lighting, a top of the art photocopy machine, and a high quality camera all in one. The process results in a shallow depth of a field, amazing detail, and best of all a dreamy, magazine-like quality.

Interesting article and thorough How-To by Vincent de Groot on the process. There's also a great instructional video by MAKE.

Materials Needed: flatbed scanner, a computer, subjects to "photograph"

Subject Matter: Don't stop at 2D. 3D objects can work, too. More tips on selecting images in Vincent's article.

All images below made with a flatbed scanner.

Scan Your Face            Flickr Member Tiago De Sousa

Scan Your Face                           Flickr Member juan4salvador

Scan Your Face           Vincent de Groot

Scan Your Face             Flickr Member Sra Mozart

Scan Your Face             Flickr Member russell.bride

Scan Your Face                              Flickr Member forgottenpittsburgh

Scan Your Face                            Flickr Member KayraChin

Scan Your Face                    Marsha Tudor

Scan Your Face             Flickr Member Em R.S.

Scan Your Face             Cortijada Los Gazquez

Scan Your Face           Flickr Member mraaronmorris

Mine for more great photos in Flickr's scanner photography group.

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I love scanning dead bugs at CRAZY resolutions... The results are often quite amazing!

What's that in Juan's teeth? Looks like a bug... gross.

nice work although it needs lots of time
I'd rather to buy a 2MP digi one

i agree with the last one but not the second one or the third one, the fourth one is pretty damn sweet but the fifth one aint that great, six, seventh and eight I can probably live without but nine and ten, wooooooow!!!! Get some of that and whack it in my box!!

whack it in your box? I love you.

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