How To: Use the Manfrotto Super Clamp

Use the Manfrotto Super Clamp

Did you ever have trouble keeping a steady shot with a camera or camcorder when you didn't have a tripod ready? In this video, Steve from Cameras Brookwood shows you why a Manfrotto Super Clamp might just be the tool for you. A Super Clamp can open up to three inches and attaches any camera weighing up to fifteen kilograms to a post, beam, or table. To use the Super Clamp, open it fully and place it around the object that you want to attach it to. Turn the crank until the Super Clamp is snug, but not tight around the object. In the Super Clamp is a thread similar to a tripod that will fit into your camera. It is not recommended to attach a DSLR directly to the clamp as it may be to much burden for it. If attached to a ballhead, the camera will easily work from a vertical or horizontal position. Now you're ready to shoot!

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