How To: Use & adjust shutter speed

Use & adjust shutter speed

Have a passion for photography but know nothing about the basics? This video might be a great place to start on the topic of shutter speed. Shutter speed is the amount of time that the film, or your digital sensor, is exposed to the light. Whether it be outdoors, at night, or low indoor light, the shutter speed allows your camera to take a photograph with the correct amount of exposure in reference to how much light is readily available in your setting.

Shutter speed is not the only factor to remember when trying to take a good photograph in tricky lighting situations. It is a combination of three key factors, which include:

1.) The f-stop / aperture used
2.) The shutter speed
3.) The ISO Rating / setting

In this video, learn what & how to adjust shutter speed and how by using the correct shutter speed, you can enhance your photo to its maximum potential.

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