How To: Take a family portrait

Take a family portrait

Looking to get your family together somehow? Why not a family portrait? It's both a great keepsake and as an excuse to get everyone together. In this video, learn how to snap a great family portrait.

You Will Need:
• A large group of family members
• A camera
• A tripod
• A large space
• Props of varying heights such as a couch, fireplace, or a stairwell
• Extra fill lighting
• Lighting system (optional) (optional) (optional)

Step 1: Analyze the group
Quickly analyze the group. Do a mental lineup according to family ties, height, age, and affiliations.

Step 2: Choose location
Choose your location and backdrop, either in a cozy area or outside.

Step 3: Arrange the family
Arrange the family. Place immediate family members together, with children near their parents. Place the oldest toward the center. Place pets last.

Step 4: Set up lights
If you're using lights, set them up and align them to your liking.

Step 5: Place camera on tripod
Place your camera on the tripod.

Step 6: Set up camera
Select the appropriate film, aperture, and shutter speed that's appropriate for your shooting conditions.

Step 7: Compose your shot
Compose your shot, fitting the entire family within the frame edges.

Step 8: Meter on the subjects
Using either your in-camera light meter or handheld light meter, meter on the subjects.

Step 9: Take as many shots are you can
Take as many shots as you possibly can before everyone loses their patience and gets fidgety.

Trivia: The Family Portrait is the name given to a picture of the Solar System taken by the Voyage 1 spacecraft.

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