How To: Sleeveface


It's the new phenomenon that's sweeping the internet! It's Sleeveface. Just take an old vinyl record sleeve, cover a part of your body, and snap a photo. Instant art!


check out other sleeveface pics on flickr or facebook or


theres so much more life in these records than you can ever attain with coverflow or an ipod... :( let the music live on !!!

Funny... could be used for some awesome photos, but beyond that i don't really get the point.

This is awesomely nerd... I love it

mmmm....not bad....

this is the about how to DVD-Nose?

blue-ray head, cassette eyes, 8 track cheeks... hahaha

I love it

hahaa this is so funny! :D

You mean there is still a purpose for those hundreds of LPs I accumulated back in the day?? Hooray!

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