How To: Shoot zoo or wild life photography

Shoot zoo or wild life photography

NikonDifferent of Nikon shows you how to shoot zoo/ wild life photography (particularly with a Nikon d40 as an example with a zoom lens with Vibration Reduction), given the fact that animal enclosures are usually set up to give the animals space. You'll want to limit your visit to two or three types of animals (good photographs require time or patience). Animals playing/ fighting make good pictures, but you need to set a fast shutter speed (if you have low light, crank up your ISO). Try to anticipate the actions of the animals so you are ready to capture great moments. If you focus on the baby animals, you're bound to get the mother also (which also makes for some great shots). Sometimes, you can also shoot photos in succession to get great pictures. Feeding time is also a great time to take photographs since all the animals come out all at once. Get on your knees if you have to, and be careful if you're among the animals. If the animal isn't very active, you can use maximum zoom to get great details and a great shot. Animals with dark fur are also better shot during cloudy days; focus on eyes (they give the picture a point of interest). If the enclosure has glass between you and the animals, get your lens as close to the glass as the possible (with your hand as a buffer). If you're in an aquarium, use high ISO always and not flash (thick glass can distort the picture). The most important part of animal photography is looking for great moments; knowing this, you'll be able to shoot great wildlife photography or zoo photography with your DSLR in no time.

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