How To: Shoot unique product photography with long exposures

Shoot unique product photography with long exposures

This video shows you how to light a bottle with long exposure in photography. The end result is to have a picture of a bottle with glowing edges with a black background. For starters you set your SLR camera settings to a 30 second manual shutter speed and a f5. 6 set aperture. Put the camera on a tripod for steadiness and set up your subject. For the subject, on a table, place your bottle in front of your chosen drop cloth. It is best to choose a color similar to the bottle. Then you use a light style torch, or a flashlight, with a card fastened to the end in a cone. So you should have a small focal point for light to shine through. Shut off you lights and turn on your flashlight. You are going to be tracing the edges of your bottle with your flashlight. So focus your flashlight at your beginning point of where you are going to start tracing and push click your camera button. You will now have 30 seconds to carefully trace your bottle. When you get to the end, quickly remove your flashlight and wait for the camera to finish it's exposure. Review it in the camera, you should see a bottle that looks like it is glowing. All done!

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