Quick Tip: Use a Wired Headset as a Shutter Release Trigger for Your DSLR Camera

Use a Wired Headset as a Shutter Release Trigger for Your DSLR Camera

Whether you're trying to get an unconventional angle or just want to include yourself in the picture, there are plenty of times when a remote trigger can come in really handy. Of course, if you want to buy one, you have tons of options. But if you already have an Xbox 360 headset, all you have to do is plug it in.

YouTube user Gurnarok accidentally found that by plugging his Xbox headset into his camera's remote port, the on/off toggle triggered the shutter release and flash.

He uses a Canon EOS 1100D, but it should work for most Canon cameras with a 2.5mm jack, including some Rebels, Digital Rebels, T5i, 70D... basically anything that says to use a Remote Switch RS-60E3. You can check a list of compatible Canon cameras here.

This trick should work with other DSLR cameras that include a simple 2.5mm jack for remote shutter, and almost any other headset that has an inline on/off switch. If you try it out for yourself, be sure to let us know in the comments what type of camera and headset you're using and whether or not it works!

Camera diagram via Canon, Headset image via Microsoft

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Using a rebel xti the headset triggers the shutter release constantly until I unplug it. Was really hoping this would have worked.

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