How To: Properly set and light a green screen backdrop

Properly set and light a green screen backdrop

Setting up a chroma key backdrop contains various steps/ the support system and muslin consists of various parts like the support stands, shrink lamps and the muslin. Place the two stands 12 feet apart and attach 4 clamps to vertical section of each stand. Snap the crossbars together in a proper way and insert the muslin into the respective end of the crossbar and put the crossbar on the stands with the green end of the muslin facing out. The muslin should be attached using the clamp. And ensure the crossbar is completely parallel to the ground. Attach the second and last spring clamp ensuring setting the height to whichever height you desire. Put the 3 inch piece on tape so as to create a very smooth wrinkle free surface. You can light the screen while ensuring the light is evenly falling on the screen. You need a set of five set of lights. Two lights of equal power need to be kept 7 ft away from the wall. Put the other lights at the end of the cloth. Position the character ahead of the 7 ft line. The distance from the camera to the subject should be equal to the distance between the subject and the screen.

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