How To: Modify the Nikon SB800

Modify the Nikon SB800

Learn how to modify the Nikon SB800. This is something you should not do unless you really know how to do it because it is very easy to break your camera in the process.

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I am a retired camera repairman and I have repaired the Nikon SB800 flash units many times. Suggestion; buy a spare flash, bacause that flash unit you forced will jam at the worst time possible(middle of a wedding). Your disclaimer doesn't relieve you of the responsibility of giving a really bad suggestion to someone who will do the same thing as you and be unlucky and have a broken $400 flash unit. Then he is going to be out $100-$150 to repair the unit and be very mad at you for suggesting (you suggested it even with the disclaimer) this stupid idea.

Silly comment Jerry: the disclaimer DOES relieve him of any responsibility; moral or legal. What part of "This is what *I* do"; "you should NOT do this at home" don't you understand?

I recenlty bought an SB-800 which is missing the built in diffuser, how bad is this and what can I do?

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