How To: Manually white balance a Nikon DSLR with the BaLens

Manually white balance a Nikon DSLR with the BaLens

In this video you will learn how to manually white balance a Nikon camera using the Ba-lens. Paul Franklin explains in a few simple steps. First take the lens cap of the appropriate size and put it on the lens. Then go to the camera and set the meter to spot meter he says its important because it measure the amount of light going through the little dome as he shows. Once you've set it all you need to find the white balance button. Then scroll through the icons until you reach preset. Then hold it or press it again until preset begins to blink. Then while its blinking point the camera towards the light source and (you will probably have to set it on manual photos) take a shot. Then the next thing that should pop up on the LCD is "good". This means that you have successfully stored data for that light source. Then whenever you wish to take a picture from that light source in the future simply open up the preset by holding down the white balance button.

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