How To: Make a pinhole camera

Make a pinhole camera

In the age of digital cameras and instant gratification, make the simplest camera ever invented using just a light proof box, a hole, and paper. Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to make a pinhole camera.

You Will Need

* 1 clean, 7 inch tall oatmeal box
* Heavy foil
* Craft or utility knife
* Matte or flat black spray paint
* Black contact paper
* A No. 16 bead-threading needle
* Epoxy glue
* White glue
* Handful of cotton swabs
* Electrical tape
* Ruler
* Fine sandpaper
* Photo emulsion paper
* A completely dark room
* A place to develop your film
* 1 Aluminum soda can

Step 1. Clean the box
Step 2. Remove top and bottom
Step 3. Glue the bottom
Step 4. Paint it black
Step 5. Paint the top
Step 6. Cut a door
Step 7. Cut a square
Step 8. Poke a hole
Step 9. Poke it again
Step 10. Glue the plate
Step 11. Tape the plate
Step 12. Make a latch
Step 13. Load the camera
Step 14. Close the camera
Step 15. Take your shot
Step 16. Remove paper
Step 17. Develop your film
Step 18. Eat your oatmeal

Tip: For something sturdier, you can cut the square from the side of the soda can. But be careful, the edges will be extremely sharp.

Fact: The Chinese mentioned pinhole cameras as far back as 500 B.C.

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