How To: Make a Cheap Light Wand for Dark Photo Shoots Using PVC and Glow Sticks

Make a Cheap Light Wand for Dark Photo Shoots Using PVC and Glow Sticks

Taking photos in the dark or in low-light settings can be tricky. Just using your normal flash can make your subject look washed out, but not using it can result in a totally dark photo with no subject at all.

This DIY light by professional photographer Simon Ellingsworth of Lightism creates just enough light using glow sticks and PVC pipe for a cheap alternative to expensive commercial options like the ICE Light.

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After cutting his PVC pipe to the right length, Simon cut it down the middle lengthwise to remove one side. He drilled a few holes for zip ties to hold the glow sticks, then popped them in place and put the cap on.

Simon used military-grade white light sticks, and he suggests snapping and shaking the sticks before securing them for best results. You could make this as big or small as you need by simply adjusting the size of the PVC and the number of glow sticks you use.

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Pretty impressive for some glow sticks, right?

If you can't find any safety light sticks in stores, you could always make your own, though, you'll probably get different results with homemade glow sticks. Try using different colors to get more interesting results.

For more details on the process and how to use the light, be sure to check out Simon's tutorial.

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