How To: Make an aerial photo rig with a disposable camera

Make an aerial photo rig with a disposable camera

Get creative with an old disposable camera by setting up an aerial photography rig using akite! Get a new perspective by taking pictures from a bird's eye view.

You Will Need:
• A rotary tool
• A rotary tool cutoff wheel
• A wooden clothespin
• A pushpin
• A disposable 35 millimeter camera
• A hot glue gun
• A binder clip
• Two paper clips
• A roll of twine
• A heavy-duty kite

Step 1: Prepare the clothespin and pushpin

Step 2: Attach the clothespin to the camera

Step 3: Complete the shutter button mechanism

Step 4: Bend the paper clips

Step 5: Attach the paper clips to the camera

Step 6: Attach the rig to the kite string

Step 7: Test the rig

Step 8: Fly the kite

Step 9: Take a picture

Trivia: The world record for longest amount of time flying a kite is 180 hours.

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