How To: Get to know your DSLR camera

Get to know your DSLR camera

This video gives viewers an overview on how to use the manual settings of your DSLR camera. Aside from the Auto setting, your DSLR camera has the P-mode which is the program mode, S-mode which is the shutter priority mode, A-mode which is the aperture priority mode and finally the M-mode which is the complete manual mode. P-mode or program mode is more like the Auto-mode in your camera. You can't control your shutter speed and f-stops (aperture) however; you can manipulate the other settings in your camera. You can control your ISO settings, White balance and EV where in when you set it down, it will make the image darker and when turned up, it will make the image brighter. Switching to the S-mode or shutter priority mode of your camera, allows you to control the shutter speed. The Aperture in this mode automatically adjusts depending on the shutter speed setting you've placed. When the shutter speed is too fast, the aperture will indicate that it is too low to be handled, what you can do is to bring up the ISO to complement to the fast shutter speed. Aperture priority mode or A-mode lets you adjust the aperture setting or f-stops while the shutter speed adjusts to it. Most photographers use this since they prefer to adjust the aperture rather than the shutter speed since f-stops are important for the depth of field. Manual mode allows you to have complete control of your shutter speed and aperture. You can also set the other settings on your camera on this mode. It gives you more control over your cameras. Aside from the aperture and shutter speed, you can also control the ISO, white balance, EV and quality. Understanding the different modes of your camera lets you is just the start of your long journey in the world of photography. You need to understand the other settings available to maximize the capability of your DSLR camera.

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