How To: Focus stack for great macro photos

Focus stack for great macro photos

In this Fine Art video tutorial you will learn how to focus stack for great macro photos. This video is from EPhotoZine. The idea is to take several pictures of the same subject at different distances. For this you will need focus stacking. If you focus with a wide aperture, everything in front and behind the subject will be out of focus. The idea of focus stacking is to shoot several shots and put them together in a program that automatically brings them all into one. And that is focus stacking software. Mount the camera on a tripod, set the focus on manual, focus on the farthest part of the subject and take a shot. Now focus very slowly forward and take shot. Keep repeating this till you get to the nearest part of the subject. Now you load the pictures into a program called combineZM. You can also do it with any other similar program. Then follow through the video for the full details.

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