How To: Create an artist portfolio

Create an artist portfolio

Presentation matters. Make sure you have the best shot of getting your artwork out there by putting together a pleasing and professional artist portfolio. Include your best work and make everything look finished and neat.

An artist portfolio can become a portable gallery if constructed properly – find out how.

You Will Need

* Your own vision
* Original artwork
* A critic
* A document scanner
* A digital camera

Step 1: Establish a goal and vision

Establish a goal and a vision for your portfolio by understanding who your audience is, what you want to show them, and what type of response you'd like.

Step 2: Select your best work

Select your best work to include in the portfolio. Use only finished prints that are matted, signed, dated, and titled.

Step 3: Be sure prints are free of fingerprints

Be sure your prints are free of fingerprints, and that mats are well cut with straight lines.

Step 4: Find a critic

Get a friend or colleague to critique your work to ensure it is well edited. A second pair of eyes always helps.

Know what the viewers of your portfolio want to see, and tailor it as needed. Keep several selections of work for specific audiences.

Step 5: Create a digital portfolio

Create a digital portfolio with scanned documents and digital photographs. House these on your computer in a folder titled "Portfolio."

Did you know? About 63 percent of artists work as self-employed professionals.

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