How To: Clean a camera lens & get rid of smudges

Clean a camera lens & get rid of smudges

Professional camera cleaning is expensive and usually more than you need. Follow these simple steps to keep your lenses clear and smudge-free.
You Will Need
* A blower brush or ear syringe
* A camel hair lens brush
* A lens cloth or tissue
* Lens cleaner

Step 1: Brush first
Use a blower brush to remove dust and dirt. If you don't have a blower brush, use an ear syringe. Next, brush the lens with a camel hair lens brush.

Step 2: Wipe second
Breathe on the lens; then wipe off smudges with a lens cloth or lens tissue. If that doesn't work, put a drop of lens cleaner on the cloth and try again. Wipe gently in a circular motion, working outward from the center.

A microfiber lens cloth can be hand washed without detergent and reused. A lens tissue can be used only once.

Step 3: Clean other parts
Clean the rear lens element, as well as filters and lens caps to avoid transferring dust to the lens.

Do not use rubbing alcohol or eyeglass tissues to clean a lens. Each contains added chemicals that can damage or leave a coating on the lens.

Step 4: Keep it clean
Clean your lenses as seldom as possible. Every time you clean a lens you risk scratching it or damaging its coating. Always store your camera in a case with the lens cap on.

Fact: The first photograph, taken in 1826 in France, required an eight-hour exposure.

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