How To: Build a Bulldog 5x4 large format camera

Build a Bulldog 5x4 large format camera

First of all open the box and take out the kit, different parts and the instruction manual. You also need glue, epoxy adhesives, sand paper, 2 mm drill and a 4 mm drill. Start with assembling the outer frame of the camera by fixing in the slots. Use a screw driver to screw the bolts. Now use the glue and fix the inner parts of the camera. Now make the front portion of the camera. Fix it exactly as shown in the instruction Manual. Now drill in the holes on the sides of the camera's outer frame. Now add an extended arm to the front frame and fix with pliers. Now screw in all the screws using a screw driver. Now put the black fiber material on the shutter box and fix it with screws. Now fix the outer frame and the inner frame and the shutter box together with screws. Apply adhesives and fix the bottom part to the frame. Finally fix the black cloth and tighten with screws. That's it.

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