How To: Apply depth of field to your photographs

Apply depth of field to your photographs

Learn how to use depth of field with help from this photography tutorial. Although it may seem that depth of field is a confusing factor in photography, it's actually quite easy to understand & adjust once you've gotten the hang of it. Depth of field (or, DOF) is a great way to experiment with your photography & improve your skills as a beginner photographer. When taking your photograph using DOF, it is imperative to remember that the shutter speed and aperture (or F-stop) need to change at exactly the same size to achieve a correctly exposed image. To do this on a digital camera, it is very easy with the use of the Aperture Priority (or Shutter Speed Priority) setting. If the aperture & shutter speed are not changed at the same time, the photo is at risk of being overexposed or underexposed dramatically. In this video, learn some tips on how to experiment with depth of field correctly and apply it to your photographs to maximize their potential.

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