How To: Add Rainbow Effects to Your Photos Using a Cheap Prism

Add Rainbow Effects to Your Photos Using a Cheap Prism

Want to add cool, colorful effects to your photos without paying for filters or using Photoshop? A cheap glass prism (and some practice) is all you need to bend the light to capture images like the ones below taken by wedding photographer Sam Hurd.

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Sam uses a six inch triangular prism to catch the light and reflect images in front of his lens. The shape allows you to "twist the prism into creating a curve and bend-like distortion of your surroundings," which can create rainbow effects and mirror images in your photos.

Sam says it works best with 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lenses, and takes a little time to get used to. The best way to get it down is just to practice with different light sources and angles until you find what works to get the effects you're looking for.

Check out the video for a demonstration of how he does it.

For more details on the technique and tons more photos, be sure to check out Sam's website.

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