How To: Buy/select a camera tripod

Buy/select a camera tripod

In Part 8 on the series about Selecting a Tripod, ClickHerePhotography talks about main questions to ask when buying a tripod. First is to ask the dealer what tripod is recommended for the specific brand of camera that you will be using. Then probe further as to why the particular tripod is recommended. Details about the cost of the tripod should be inquired in relation to type of pictures that will be taken. Clarification should be sought on the functions of the tripod - how to adjust it, or lock the headshoe. Whether or not the tripod is recommend for special conditions like use in the mud, rain, dust or when its windy. There are also different models of heads available for a tripod. The dealer should be asked which head is recommended for the tripod. Whether or not spare parts for the tripod are available is another important question. Take your time before you make a purchase. It may be useful to shop around at different stores and look at different brands. Also consider what you will be using the tripod for and how much you want to spend on the tripod. Finally, a poor quality tripod may lead to damage to the camera if it falls over, so choose a tripod that meets your needs rather than just look at its price.

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